Case studies

Case study 1

In-company course with training content

Sector: IT


The leading European specialist for custom-built applications in the BPM/SOA, Java, Business Intelligence and Oracle market. OPITZ CONSULTING optimizes business processes, chooses and designs appropriate system architectures, implements solutions and guarantees a 24/7 support of the Oracle environment. Over 2/3 of the German stock index (DAX) companies rely on services from the 400+ OPITZ CONSULTING consultants. The staff at the Polish office in Krakow cooperates closely with customers and colleagues from Germany.

My tasks:

  • General German courses in individual or group lessons
  • Intensive courses for rapid progress with up to 7 hours per week per employee
  • Lessons with IT terminology
  • Lessons regarding communication skills, business correspondence and telephone training
  • Lessons regarding documentation
  • Preparing employees for presentations in Germany
  • Preparing employees for on-site stays in Germany
  • language-oriented training on the job

Two and a half years Jan Szurmant has worked for us as a German teacher – a period in which our employees have demonstrated significant progress. Correspondingly positive were the responses in our internal evaluation of his training. I wish to highlight one point: Mr. Szurmant inspired our employees beyond the lessons and therefore has been contributing to the working atmosphere. As soon as there will be any demand, we will get back to him.

Janusz Jarząbkowski


Jan Szurmant has delivered for us a classification of job candidates during a recruitment process. Subsequently he has designed and delivered two trainings for Customer Support with which both our client and the training participants were very pleased. The collaboration was highly professional and in addition extraordinarily personable. Gladly we will contact Jan in the future, if there are any further projects.

Joanna Jóźwiak

entrepreneur and French language trainer, JJ Communication, Krakow

Case study 2


Sector: tourism

JJ Communication

JJ Communication is an employment agency and a training center in Krakow. On its behalf I have conducted two intensive trainings for German speaking employees of a CS on the tourism market.

My tasks:

  • Adaptation and design of training content
  • Delivery of training
  • Evaluation of progress
  • language-related classification during the recruitment process
  • Training sessions regarding communication skills, business correspondence and telephone training
  • Tourism terminology
  • Training sessions regarding de-escalation tactics
  • Training sessions regarding sales tactics

Case study 3


Sector: Talent sourcing & headhunting

expert group

The interdisciplinary team of specialists work on the areas of Sales & Marketing, Corporate Finance and Talent Acquisition. The staff at the Polish office in Krakow sources talents on the German and Swiss market and cooperates closely with customers and colleagues from those two countries.

My tasks:

  • Training sessions regarding communication skills, business correspondence and telephone training
  • Terminology regarding talent sourcing & headhunting
  • Tactics for talent sourcing
  • Training on the job for employees on C1/C2 level

We had looked for a German teacher and trainer who can offer more than just “normal” language courses. And we have found him in Jan. During our telephone acquisition he has looked over our shoulders and provided helpful tips that go far beyond a normal training. With measurable success. Compliments and a big thank you for his time with us!

Sandra Kostka

Manager, expert group, Krakow, Munich & Zurich

The collaboration with Jan is a delight and a huge assistance. I can always be sure that everything is done on time and is of high quality. Accuracy, reliability, creativity, flexibility and an astute and open approach to many aspects – these are his characteristics. I am very pleased that I had the chance to meet him and work with him. He’s like a German Mercedes – reliable, fast and “von höchster Qualität”.

Marzena Michalska

DaF Marketing Manager, Pearson, Warsaw

Case study 4

Collaboration with an editor

Sector: publishing


Pearson is the world’s largest education company. For 25 years, the editor is present in Poland where it publishes – besides EFL – also DaF coursebooks for the Polish school market.

My tasks:

  • Authorship of coursebooks
  • Proofreading of coursebooks
  • Recordings of listening exercises for coursebooks
  • Teacher trainings on conferences throughout Poland
  • Design and delivery of teaching materials for class room use
  • Adapting short films for teaching and class room use

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