My offer for recruitings

To rate the learners’ level is one of the daily tasks of a teacher. For recruitings of job applicants or internal audits of your staff, I can conduct those ratings for you. Depending on your needs, I can design tests and and conduct the actual classification procedure. The best way to illustrate my offer for you are the following examples:

Example Offer 1: Recruitment of an HR team

During a recruitment process, candidates are to be classified regarding their knowledge of German. The HR team to be formed will take care of the employees of a Swiss company. The following criteria are important:

  • elaboration of online tests
  • oral and written exercises
  • characteristics of Swiss German
  • HR terminology
  • execution of the evaluation tests on-site
  • detailed documentation

Example Offer 2: Recruitment by phone

For the pre-selection in a recruitment process candidates should be classified regarding their command of German. The following criteria are important:

  • designing of the oral tests
  • execution of the evaluation talks by phone or Skype
  • short phone calls in blocks on a workday
  • rough classification in sufficient / insufficient German
  • short documentation

Example Offer 3: Staff audit

A Polish company wants to expand its business on the German market. For this reason the German language skills of employees are to be classified. The following criteria are important:

  • preparation of evaluation tests
  • execution of the audit
  • detailed documentation
  • recommendations for subsequent courses and trainings
  • execution of this in-company courses and trainings

Jan Szurmant has delivered for us a classification of job candidates during a recruitment process. Subsequently he has designed and delivered two trainings for Customer Support with which both our client and the training participants were very pleased. The collaboration was highly professional and in addition extraordinarily personable. Gladly we will contact Jan in the future, if there are any further projects.

Joanna Jóźwiak

entrepreneur and French language trainer, JJ Communication, Krakow

You want to evaluate your present or future employees' level of German?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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